About Us

YumaLite™ was founded by Sean Miller, a Toronto-based entrepreneur with an interest in mental health advocacy, who frequently speaks about his own struggles with low mood in order to raise awareness of the issue of mental health.

The innovative and ergonomic design of YumaLite™ was conceived by award winning industrial design company figforty who developed YumaLite™ using over 20 years of medical research to deliver user-friendly yet highly effective light therapy.

YumaLite™ Philosophy—health and wellness in the modern world

At YumaLite™, we believe that a basis for wellness and good health lies in using our body in a functional way, the way nature designed it through evolution. This can be a challenge because some of the foundations to our wellbeing, like good nutrition, proper exercise and adequate sleep, can fall by the wayside in a modern world with its demands and conveniences.

Many of the food options available in our restaurants and supermarkets lack nutrition, it’s easy to go about our day without moving enough, and it’s frequently hard to get the rest we need.

Another, less-considered foundation that we routinely sacrifice concerns our exposure to natural light. For our ancestors, finding food and water required them to be active outside during the day. In contrast, most of us purchase rather than hunt or forage for our food and many of us work at jobs that require us to spend our days indoors. As well, compared to our ancestors who inhabited tropical climes, thanks to various advances in such requirements as clothing and shelter, many of us live where fall and winter seasons offer less opportunity for adequate exposure to natural light. For these reasons, a lot of us are light deficient and suffering symptoms which can include low energy, sadness, over-sleeping, over-eating, weight gain, difficulty concentrating and diminished libido.

Lack of exposure to light isn’t the only light-related hazard of modern living. Technology has also caused our separation from the natural cycle of light and dark. The lives of our ancestors revolved around the rising and setting of the sun. They slept when it was dark and were active when it was light out. But indoor lighting, especially the wonder of electric light, has meant that we’re frquently active when the world is dark. For months in the fall and winter most of us generally wake up before the sun rises, and stay up well past its setting. Those of us who work the night shift are even more at odds with nature. And the invention of the aircraft which allows us to travel quickly to other time zones is yet another way we diverge from the natural order. All of these behaviours wreak havoc on our body clock which can affect our mood and health and cause us to feel symptoms of light deficiency.

Rectifiying these problems can be a challenge. Getting outside during the day isn’t feasible for some of us. And if it’s gray and cloudy out, adequate light isn’t even available. As for matching the hours we are awake and asleep with nature’s cycle of light and dark, few could manage that. But we can do the next best thing, which is to supply our body with the light we miss out on during the day and ensure our environment is as dark as possible at night. Doing these things will make us feel better while we’re awake and encourage more restful sleep through the night.

We believe in safe and effective therapies that suit the way nature designed the human body. YumaLite™ fits our philosophy because it offers a safe and effective method to address the root cause of symptoms related to light deficiency in the modern world. YumaLite™ is portable and easy-to-use, which makes it a convenient device you can easily fit into your 21st-century lifestyle.

We hope that YumaLite™ helps bring you bright days and the wellbeing you deserve.


YumaLite™ is NOT a substitute for medical or psychological care or medical or psychological treatment. If you are under the care of a doctor or other health professional, you must consult with a doctor or health professional prior to commencing use of YumaLite™.