About YumaLite™

Introducing YumaLite™ – Safe and Effective Light Therapy that is also Convenient and Affordable

YumaLite™ is a head-mounted, medical light therapy visor designed using clinically proven technology that is effective and safe. But it’s more than just safe and effective, YumaLite™ is convenient. It has been ergonomically designed by award winning designers as a lightweight cordless visor that rests confortably on your head so you can easily wear it while doing any number of things.


Instead of having to sit in front of of a large and unsightly box, you can use YumaLite™ while getting ready in the morning, having breakfast, making lunches, putting on makeup, taking out the garbage, or while reading, watching tv, or talking on the phone.



YumaLite also stands out among other light therapy devices on the market at an affordable price of $90/unit.

Your Very Own Personal Sunshine

Research, outstanding design, and advanced technology have contributed to the creation of the most inexpensive, portable, comfortable, and effective light therapy device available on the market. YumaLite™ brings you sunshine, anytime. Say Goodbye to the Winter Blues and Hello to your very own personal Sunshine! In as few as 7 days, wearing YumaLite™ for just 30 minutes a day, users generally experience an improvement in their mood AND energy.

YumaLite™….for brighter days

YumaLite™ Features

  • Light mode options include red or white light—a technological improvement on other light therapy devices that offer just one light color
  • Tilting mechanism for optimal light placement
  • Adjustable head mount for easy fitting
  • Can be comfortably worn while wearing eyeglasses
  • Made from durable, lightweight, recyclable materials
  • Folds easily into convenient, microfiber travel pouch
  • Designed by award-winning design firm
  • Uses clinically proven technology
YumaLite™ Visor

YumaLite™ Specs

  • Weight: 0.7 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 6 x 4 x .75 inches
  • Light source: 3 x red LEDs and 3 x white LEDs
  • Power source: 3 x AAA batteries (no cords)
  • Health Canada compliant

Download a copy of the Instruction Manual.



Say hello to your very own personal sunshine!
YumaLite™ brings you sunshine anytime.