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Would you like to earn 10% of all YumaLite™ online sales generated from your web site or blog site? You can do that simply by joining our affiliate program and adding a YumaLite™ affiliate banner, button or text link to your website.

Why join our Affiliate program?
Millions of people worldwide could benefit from YumaLite™, and we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of this large market. By becoming an affiliate, you’ll have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and earn money by promoting an innovative product that can safely and effectively help so many people feel better.

There’s a large market for you to reach
Ninety percent of us do not receive the light we need resulting in symptoms of low mood and low energy. We might feel down, have trouble getting up in the morning, crave carbs and put on weight. Some of us feel severe forms of these symptoms during the winter and suffer from winter blues, known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). However there are many reasons we might not receive adequate light all year long; rainy days, working inside at the office, jet lag and shift work can also make us feel these same symptoms. Seniors commonly suffer from not getting the light they need, as do mothers with newborn babies who can be awake at all hours.

Light therapy can safely and effectively treat these symptoms. But for most people, traditional light therapy devices aren’t convenient or affordable. They can cost hundreds of dollars and because they are stationary, you have to sit in a fixed location, usually for up to 90 minutes in the morning, to get the benefit. That doesn’t fit with most people’s morning routines. By comparison, YumaLite™ is a lightweight cordless device that rests comfortably on your head. You can easily wear it while doing any number of things—from having breakfast and reading the paper to doing housework or exercising. In as few as seven days, wearing YumaLite™ for just 30 minutes a day, users generally experience an improvement in their mood and energy levels. And it’s only $90 USD. No other light therapy device is as convenient and affordable.

YumaLite™ has made light therapy accessible to the mass market, and by becoming an affiliate, you’ll be able to earn money as you tap into that market.

Our program features:

  • 10% commission rate on all sales resulting from customers originating from your site.
  • Affiliate Account site so that you can track your sales and monthly commissions.
  • YumaLite™ provides everything you need including the HTML links and graphics for your website or blog site.

Getting started
YumaLite™ has teamed up with ShareASale to offer a simple affiliate signup process, so that you can begin earning commission payments from your website as soon as possible. If you’re interested in joining our affiliate program or finding out more about it, click here.

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