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On Dr. David Greenberg M.D. showcases YumaLite™ energy light as a convenient, easy-to-use treatment for Winter Blues, jet lag and shift work, watch HERE>>

YumaLite founder, Sean Miller goes head to head with the Dragons, watch HERE>>


Cyndi Edwards reviews YumaLite on Daytime TV, watch HERE


YumaLite In The Media

YumaLite™ founder, Sean Miller, featured in the Financial Post – February 7, 2012

In “FP Entrepreneur: YumaLite™’s Sean Miller is lighting it up” John Shmuel explores how YumaLite™ founder, Sean Miller, brought his YumaLite™ light therapy device to market by attracting investors, including some Dragons from CBC’s Dragons’ Den.

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YumaLite™ featured in Discovery News- January 3, 2012 – by Christina Ortiz

The holidays are over, and without the cheery music, all of this cold wind and ice don’t seem so magical anymore. It can get extremely depressing to notice that nighttime is slowly creeping into the afternoon and not just metaphorically


YumaLite™ on The Shopping Channel for the second day this month! – January 31, 2012

As a follow-up to its successful appearances on The Shopping Channel on January 5, YumaLite™ made another set of appearances on January 31. The Shopping Channel is Canada’s only 24-hour broadcast retailer and services hundreds of thousands of Canadians each year by providing a wide product selection at competitive prices.


YumaLite™ featured at EcouterreJanuary 6, 2012

By Bridgette Meinhold–—If winter’s lingering state of gloom has you down in the dumps, you could be prone to seasonal affective disorder. The most effective way to nip it in the bud? Light therapy (also known as “phototherapy”) for the months when sunshine is in short supply. For folks who prefer the do-it-yourself route, there’s YumaLite™… Read more


Recent Press Releases

January 6, 2012

YumaLite™ Finalizes Deal with Arlene Dickinson and Bruce Croxon of CBC’s Dragons’ Den

TORONTO, ON–—Sean Miller, founder of YumaLite™, and Arlene Dickinson and Bruce Croxon of CBC’s Dragons’ Den are pleased to announce they have finalized an agreement pursuant to which Ms. Dickinson and Mr. Croxon will invest in YumaLite™ through their respective investment vehicles. Under the terms of the agreement, Ms. Dickinson and Mr. Croxon will also provide ongoing strategic support to YumaLite™.

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January 4, 2012

YumaLite™ Light Therapy Visor featured on The Shopping Channel—Thursday January 5, 2012

Arlene Dickinson of CBC’s Dragons’ Den will join two of YumaLite™’s four segments on The Shopping Channel to promote the device.

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Light Therapy in The Media

The New York Times reports on the eye’s role in detecting light to maintain health – February 21, 2012

The New York Times reports today that people whose circadian rhythms are out of sync, like shift workers, are at greater risk for a number of ailments, including insomnia, heart disease and cancer, and that researchers have discovered that the body clock relies on light to function properly. According to Dr. David Berson, of Brown University in Providence, R.I, the role of synchronizing our circadian rhythms lies with the eye, which detects light through specialized cells and then sends signals to the brain to release the hormones that our body needs to function properly throughout the day.   Read more

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