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All Year

Resetting the body clock…The importance of light A certain amount of sunlight is important every day for us to feel normal and healthy. Without enough bright light in our lives we don’t realize how much...

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, Battling Jet Lag with Light Therapy

Battling Jet Lag with Light Therapy

Traveling by airplane to another time zone can make you feel a wide range of symptoms, such as fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and confusion. These jet lag symptoms can mar the enjoyment of a vacation,...

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Dr. David Greenberg M.D. on YumaLite Light Therapy

Dr. David Greenberg explains how light therapy works – 44 seconds Dr. David Greenberg on the science of light therapy and the body clock – 3 minutes More about Dr. David Greenberg Dr. David...

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, Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders

Resetting the body clock The importance of light Light is important for health and when we don’t get enough of it at the right times of day our mood can get affected. For some...

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, Light Therapy

Light Therapy

Why Light Therapy? We’re not getting enough light Light, preferably natural light, is important for our health. Sunlight is needed for us to feel normal and healthy. The lack of enough light, what we...

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