YumaLite – the first safe, effective and convenient light therapy device for Winter Blues

YumaLite – the first safe, effective and convenient light therapy device for Winter Blues

TORONTO, ONTARIO—Mr. Sean Miller, a Toronto-based entrepreneur with an interest in mental health advocacy, is pleased to announce the launch of YumaLite™, a ground-breaking light therapy visor that utilizes patent pending, clinically proven technology to alleviate the symptoms of Winter Blues, which millions of people world-wide suffer from each year.

What Are “Winter Blues”? Research has shown that as winter approaches every year, and the days get shorter and darker, many people throughout Canada and the United States slow down and find it difficult to wake up in the morning. They tend to eat more carbohydrates and put on weight. Their energy, enthusiasm and productivity may drop off as well. These symptoms frequently last four or five months until the longer, brighter days of spring arrive.

Who Suffers From Winter Blues? As many as 90% of people in the US and Canada experience some of the symptoms of Winter Blues. Of that group of more than 300 million people in the United States and Canada, 5% suffer from a more severe form of Winter Blues known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). They may feel constantly down, extremely fatigued, and experience a decrease in their libido. They may find it harder to concentrate and withdraw from friends and family, causing problems at work or at home. Ten to 20% suffer from sub-Syndromal Seasonal Affective Disorder (S-SAD), a milder form of SAD. Women are generally twice as likely to be affected by SAD and S-SAD, and the average age of onset is 23. Those who suffer from Winter Blues, SAD and S-SAD may experience any of the following symptoms to varying degrees: low energy, sadness, over-sleeping, over-eating, weight gain, difficulty concentrating and diminished libido.

The array of symptoms associated with Winter Blues, SAD and S-SAD have long been linked to the lack of exposure to natural light during the gray and dark days of winter. As a result, for more than three decades medical practitioners have recommended light therapy to address the symptoms of Winter Blues, SAD and S-SAD. Light therapy involves daily exposure to a specifically designed source of artificial light, such as a light box—a floor- or desk-mounted lamp with a large array of bright lights. Other treatments for SAD and S-SAD include antidepressant medication and hormone supplementation. But for many, these solutions are either considered unsafe, unaffordable or inconvenient.

Although light boxes have been shown to be safe and effective, they are expensive and inconvenient. A light box can cost up to $600 and because light boxes are stationary, they require that a consumer obtain treatment in a fixed location for up to 90 minutes in the morning, making it difficult for consumers to fit light therapy into their morning routines. More recently, portable, head-mounted devices have been developed to offer consumers greater convenience, but these too tend to be expensive, ranging in price from $200 to $400, and are often uncomfortable. By comparison, YumaLite™, which utilizes patent pending, clinically proven technology, retails for $99.99 and is a lightweight visor that rests comfortably on the head, allowing consumers to obtain the benefits of light therapy while doing any number of things—from having breakfast and reading the paper to doing housework or exercising. In as few as seven days, wearing YumaLite™ for just 30 minutes a day, users generally experience an improvement in their mood.


YumaLite™ is available online through yumalite.com.