YumaLite Finalizes Deal with Arlene Dickinson and Bruce Croxon of CBC’s Dragons’ Den

YumaLite Finalizes Deal with Arlene Dickinson and Bruce Croxon of CBC’s Dragons’ Den

TORONTO, ON–—Sean Miller, founder of YumaLite™, and Arlene Dickinson and Bruce Croxon of CBC’s Dragons’ Den are pleased to announce they have finalized an agreement pursuant to which Ms. Dickinson and Mr. Croxon will invest in YumaLite™ through their respective investment vehicles. Under the terms of the agreement, Ms. Dickinson and Mr. Croxon will also provide ongoing strategic support to YumaLite™.

YumaLite™ offers an affordable and portable light therapy treatment for the millions of North Americans who are affected by Winter Blues. As many as 90% of North Americans experience some of the symptoms of Winter Blues as the winter days get shorter and darker, including difficulty waking up in the morning, a decline in energy, enthusiasm and productivity and weight gain.

YumaLite™ launched its product on the Christmas special episode of CBC’s Dragons’ Den, Canada’s number one entertainment program. Mr. Miller stated, “Within minutes of finishing our Dragons’ pitch, we started receiving orders. This shows you the power of the Den. It also reflects the fact that so many people experience the Winter Blues and are looking for a convenient and affordable treatment to improve their well-being.”

In their new partnership, Ms. Dickinson appeared with Mr. Miller on The Shopping Channel yesterday evening. “Bruce and I are delighted to partner with YumaLite™,” Ms. Dickinson said. “I think it is a great product and I’m looking forward to helping YumaLite™ realize its immense market potential.”

“Innovative and unique products like YumaLite™ are the reason I joined Dragons’ Den,” Mr. Croxon added. “I love Sean’s entrepreneurial spirit and am excited to work with Sean and his team to grow YumaLite™.”

“We couldn’t be happier having the Dragons as partners,” added Mr. Miller. “We know we will benefit from their expertise and guidance to help us bring YumaLite™ to the world.”

YumaLite™, a lightweight visor that rests comfortably on the head, is a medical light therapy device which utilizes patent pending, clinically proven technology. It allows consumers to obtain the benefits of light therapy while carrying on with their regular routine and without spending several hundred dollars on existing light box therapy products. In as few as seven days, wearing YumaLite™ for just 30 minutes a day, users generally experience an improvement in their mood.

YumaLite™ is available online through yumalite.com.